Common Questions

What happens when the trial’s up? Will we be charged?

Yes. We will need to take your credit card details when setting up thetrial, but you will receive two email reminders before your trial ends. One7 days before and one 2 days before your trial ends.

What if I want to cancel at the end of my trial?

No Problem. Forward Numbers isn’t for everyone. If you come to the end ofyour trial and either feel you are not using your number enough or that wedon’t offer the features you require, then let us know and we will send youa short questionnaire to fill out and will cancel your account.

What if I don’t receive the reminder emails?

We do require that you sign up using your main business email as it isimportant that our emails get through to you. That said, we know you arebusy running a business and sometimes your inbox can get a little out ofhand. If you get in contact with us we will be happy to refund any chargesmade to your credit card (within reason).

What is Forward Numbers virtual phone number?

Forward Numbers is a real phone number from any 50+ countries that can beforwarded to your existing phone, your voicemail or to your SIP/VoIPaccount. You can even create custom greetings, unlimited extensions andhave an all-in-one virtual phone service featuring auto-attendant andprofessional greetings.

How do I sign up to Forward Numbers?

You can sign up for a Forward Numbers account right on our website. Clickhere to start signing up by choosing your plan.

How am I charged for the service?

For geographical and national Forward Numbers, there is a one-time setupfee and a recurring monthly fee. If you forward your calls to a mobile orlandline phone, then you also pay a call forwarding fee depending on thedestination that the call is forwarded. If you forward your calls tovoicemail or to SIP/VoIP, then no forwarding fees apply.

For Toll Free Forward Numbers, there is also a per minute incoming fee andfor some toll free Forward Numbers there is also a call setup fee.

Do you offer service for International Callers?

Forward Numbers offers service worldwide.

Can I use my existing phone number?

Porting your US (PSTN, Wireless, Toll Free) or International number to ourservice is an effortless and easy task with Forward Numbers provided thatyour number is portable. Please check your number’s portability with oursupport team.

Who owns the numbers that are assigned to me by Forward Numbers?

You will be the owner of the toll-free, local and international numbersthat Forward Numbers assigns you, as long as your account is open and ingood standing. You’ll be able to transfer any of your toll-free or localnumbers to other providers at any time – even the ones you get from ForwardNumbers. The number will always be yours and you can take it with you!

Can I make outgoing calls with Forward Numbers?

You can only receive calls with Forward Numbers, you cannot make outgoingcalls.